Untitled Document

A Solo Exhibition by David Dellagi
Danish Graphics Association
9 March - 31 March 2013

"Carnivore" is the title of a non-existing film that the artist David Dellagi has conjured,
consisting of an elaborate storyboard in the form of a photo-collage, a movie poster and
a series of collages relating to the content and mood of the imagined movie. Thus, the
aim of the exhibition is to cross different graphic genres with the photo-collage.

Taking a cue from the Argentinian writer Borges, the exhibition is concerned with the
fictitious artwork. In this instance, the movie that - intentionally - was never made but as
such might be even more interesting, leaving behind visual marks of what might have

By casting the photo-collage in the form of a storyboard, Dellagi explores its narrative
potential and simultaneously assaults the viewer's logic, creating a uniquely poetic and
visual statement.

Following the thread of the narrative's surreal character, the poster of the non-existing
"Carnivore" film is a pastiche on and an homage to the Polish Surrealist film poster
tradition, with even the credits and text written in Polish.

The exhibition will also present photo-collages appropriating fragments of movie stills
from black and white movies that, in their poetic simplicity and clarity, play with optic
illusionism and cinematic narration.

David Dellagi (b. 1970 in Copenhagen) has exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad,
most recently with the solo show "The Umbilical Eye" at Marie Kirkegaard Gallery. In
2013-14 he is participating in the travelling exhibition "After Surrealism", being shown at
various art halls and museums across the country.