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David Dellagi: The Umbilical Eye

23 November – 22 December 2012

Colloquially, it is said that the eyes are the windows of our soul. However, in David Dellagi’s
work it seems that the navel is the window of our soul, as he by the title The Umbilical
Eye presents us with a series of new works on paper – sculptures, reliefs and collages – all
of which revolve around the intangible intersection between body and dreams, conception
and mutation.
At the exhibition we encounter a number of white figures and reliefs, whose production is
rooted in a sculptural exploration, which involves a special focus on form and material
experiments executed entirely of paper and glue in a further development of the qualities of
papiér maché. The white surface of the pieces immediately awakens reminiscent of the
aesthetic character of gypsum, But upon closer inspection Dellagi’s works bears an
unmistakable and strange curly and knotty paper structure that interacts with the anatomical
forms and constructivistic elements in a sculptural bio-morphing thrill. Each work seems
created through the fragmentary, random and poetic composition of the collage as some
characters seem playfully composed of mutually conflicting elements in a kind of bodily
mutational association.

Similar bio-morphing lives are reflected in Dellagi’s latest series of collages in which
embryos, bizarre shapes composed of various anatomical parts, animals, fish, insects and
internal organs mutate on the background of brownish paper prepared alla prima in black
ink. They evoke a mysterious and disturbing atmosphere like mental landscapes, or as life
on another planet, and revolve thematically about conception and the monstrous.
Thus a surreal undercurrent float through Dellagi’s The Umbilical Eye. The focus of his
pictorial universe are the physiological and psychological extremes presented in both an
unsettling and black humorous absurdity, whose ambition is to visualize our internal psyche.

David Dellagi (b. 1970 in Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen. He has a BA in Film
and Media Studies from University of Copenahgen, and has previously created several award
nominated short – and animated films. Since then he has been exhibited widely in Denmark,
and participates among others in the traveling exhibition Efter Surrealismen, which is being
shown in 2013-14 in a number of Danish exhibitions halls and museums.